Mr. Ferry van Eykel was born in Terborg in the Netherlands in 1953. After obtaining a degree in marine engineering he spent almost 12 years at sea as a marine engineer on a variety of vessels, working for Nedgulf Tankers and the Oostzee company.

After a brief period as a technical manager in the food industry, he accepted the position of technical superintendent for the Sandfirden shipping company, located in Haren in the north of the Netherlands. During his time at Sandfirden, he was closely involved in the conversion of two vessels for South Pole expeditions.

In 1992, Mr. Van Eykel joined Det Norske Veritas Petroleum Services (DNVPS) Rotterdam as technical advisor. In 1996 he took over the position of regional manager, being responsible for all activities performed by DNVPS in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Cyprus, France, Bulgaria, Monaco and the so-called "Balkan" countries.
Besides working for DNVPS Mr. Van Eykel is active in several committees, especially as a member within the ISO Working Group 6. This WG is involved with the International Marine Fuel Standard ISO 8217.

In 2000 he obtained a Master degree, after having successfully completed his dissertation at Business School the Netherlands, called "Analysing, valuating and financing of a business".

He regularly takes a private aeroplane to the sky.