Goris Vermeulen started his career in shipping over 30 years ago, followed by his first involvement with the oil industry in 1973. He has enjoyed 20 years experience in the bunker industry.

After eight years in real estate, he returned to the oil business, joining Frisol bv in 1983.

By means of a management buy out, he became an owner of Frisol  in 1989. He expanded the company by opening an office in Hong Kong and during his management, Frisol bunkering b.v. expanded to the leading independent bunker supplier of the ARA.

In 2003 he left the bunker industry, by selling his shares in Frisol.

Goris Vermeulen is an acknowledged lecturer and has spoken on many bunker conferences in the world. Furthermore he has been an active member of various bunker related working groups, programme committees and participated in various panels.

He is a founding member of  IBIA and was vice president of  NOVE (organisation of independent oil, gas and coal traders in The Netherlands.)

 Currently he lives in both Belgium and Greece, enjoying his semi retired life.